Month: September 2018

Must-Have Upgrades For Your Kitchen

Whether it’s cooking a meal on a weeknight, chatting with the family, or enjoying a leisurely cup of coffee on the weekend, you end up spending a lot of your time in your kitchen. It only makes sense then that it’s well-designed to facilitate easy everyday use. Read on for a list of some essential updates you may want to consider incorporating in your kitchen.

Clever storage

Extra storage space is always welcome in the kitchen. Deep drawers are therefore a great addition to any kitchen — especially when placed next to the oven, so pots and pans are all within easy reach. While the depth of the drawers may be limited by how deep the cabinet is that houses them, any extra depth you can get is certainly useful. Alternatively, you could install hardware that enables drawers to slide all the way open. This simple upgrade will make it easier to store objects and take them out when you need to use them. Full extension drawer hardware is available to buy in order to update your existing drawers. Moreover, installing corner cabinets or drawers is also a great way to utilize awkward corner space which would otherwise go wasted. 

Coffee maker

If you or someone in your family is a coffee drinker, an espresso machine is a must. It’s also great for impressing guests. Write on Espresso Gusto make high-quality coffee machines to suit any coffee lover’s needs. Once you make the switch to brewing such flavorful and aromatic coffee, you’ll never go back to instant. Being able to whip up a tasty cup of coffee will make you look forward to waking up in the morning and getting into the kitchen. In fact, you could even create a whole coffee bar in your kitchen. An alcove or designated counter space can be used to hold your coffee machine and coffee cups. You could even go a step further and install a mini-fridge below to store milk and cream. Carving out a small area for a coffee bar is a great functional idea which doesn’t encroach on the main kitchen area.

Double oven

They say two is always better than one and ovens are no exception. Not only does a double oven make a sleek and modern update to your kitchen, but it’s also a highly useful addition. It allows you to bake two dishes at once — making meal times more efficient — or simply use one oven to warm the plates as dinner cooks. Moreover, having your ovens separate from the burners means you can place the stovetop elsewhere on the countertops. Having your burners built into the countertops on a large kitchen islands provides you with plenty of extra counter space as well as storage space on the bottom half.

Office nook

Any kitchen can benefit from having an well-designed office nook. All you need is a small space or corner to crate this addition to your kitchen. You can keep a seat and computer there which is very useful for looking recipes up online and checking ingredients and quantities as you cook. If you like watching TV, you can even add a television to catch up with your favorite shows while you wait for dinner to cook. This handy kitchen addition will also attract other members of the family who will love using the office nook. It can ultimately help better make your kitchen the heart of the home.

Trash and recycling bins

Finally, make sure you have an accessible trash and recycling point in your kitchen. This will make working in your kitchen a lot easier as you can quickly and simply throw waste away as you go. So, be sure to choose the most convenient location possible for your trash and recycling bins in your kitchen — whether it’s in the cupboard under your sink, in a deep pull-out drawer, or away in the pantry.

Taking the time to implement these smart changes in your kitchen can transform the space entirely. Increasing both the functionality and style with these updates will make your kitchen a joy to work in everyday. The best part is most of these upgrades are easy to achieve without you having to break the bank.