Month: February 2019

Why you Need to Give your Foot a Massage Right Now

Why you Need to Give your Foot a Massage Right Now

Regular foot massage can help you relax, especially after a long day of running up and down. Of course, you have to invest in a good massager to make the entire process effective and enjoyable. And, there is plenty of choice at Free Your Spine as per your specific needs and budget.

Moving on here’s what food massage does to your body.

It Is Good for your Sex Life

Wait. What? Yes! A foot massage will spruce up your sex life.  Okay. Picture this. You have some massage oil, a couple of scented candles and soothing music to create the perfect ambiance. And then, your partner gives sensual feet massage for setting you in the right mood for lovemaking.

Repeated research shows feet are an excellent starting point to create mild arousal. They provide a smooth transition to more sensitive erogenous zones such as the knees, the back, and inner thighs.

It Improves Circulation

Your feet hardly get enough exercise, especially if you’re not an active person. Besides, wearing tight shoes can cause tightness.  A twenty-minute massage session a few minutes before going to bed can help boost circulation, especially if you have diabetes.

It Helps Prevent Ankle and Foot Injuries

Foot massage can help ease the intensity of pain caused by injuries and promote recovery. On top of that, it reduces muscles soreness. Even more important, it helps strengthen your feet muscles when combined with stretching and other exercises.

Embark on a regular massage session at least two to three times a week to lower the risk of injury significantly.

It Helps Reduce Depression and Anxiety

Studies on the effects of reflexology show that there is more to foot massage than helping you relax. Regular sessions can reduce anxiety in people diagnosed with cancer. It can also help lower the effects of depression.

It Helps with Migraines and Headaches

The results of a study carried out in Denmark show that people suffering from migraines and headaches recorded significant improvement after undergoing reflexology treatments. The participants stopped taking medication, and the intensity reduced three months after completing their treatment. The research attributed reflexology foot massage to the positive changes.

It Helps with Low Blood Pressure

Stress and poor diet choices are some of the causes of low blood pressure. A study carried out in healthcare staff working the elderly suffering from dementia showed that a ten-minute massage session helped improve mood.  It also caused less anxiety and low blood pressure.

It Helps with Plantar Fasciitis

Foot massage can reduce the heel pain caused by deterioration and inflammation of plantar fascia. It can also reduce the pressure subjected on the arch and by extension help improve the condition.

The Bottom Line


See? There is every reason to get some regular foot massage. And the beauty of it is that you don’t have to visit a beauty parlor. As stated, all you need to do is get the right equipment, and you’re good to go! 

What you Need to Know About Housing Loans

What you Need to Know About Housing Loans

A home is arguably one of the most precious possessions you’ll ever have. And, if you decide to take house financing, there are a couple of things you should know not only to get a better deal but also to help you service the mortgage without any hitches.

Here are some of the fundamental basics every prospective homeowner should be acquainted with.

Your Credit Score Determines Whether You’ll Get a Home Loan or Not

Unlike before, banks are nowadays becoming more stringent and selective with their lending. In essence, this means that for you to qualify for a home loan, you must have a good credit score. If your score is anything short of impressive, you may want to improve it before you apply for a mortgage.

The Credit Score Also Determines the Interest You’ll Get

Apart from being the basis of your qualification, your credit score also affects the interest that will get charged on your home loan. It thus goes without saying that if your credit score is “okay” you will pay more for your mortgage.

There are Two Basic Home Loan Lengths; 15 and 30 Years

Generally, you will have two options as far as how long you pay your mortgage is concerned; 15 or 30 years. While 30 year home loans are more popular particularly with first-time homeowners, it is advisable to take a 15-year loan if you can afford it. The fact that you will have a shorter repayment period means that you will pay less for the mortgage.

There are Two Types of Home Loan Interest Structures; Fixed or Adjustable

In a fixed-rate mortgage, the interest remains constant for the entire period of the loan repayment. However, in an adjustable rate home financing plan, the interest changes based on some market conditions such as inflation. Financial experts recommend that you take a fixed-rate home loan as it is less risky.

Everything Has to Be Documented to Get a Home Loan

At the final stages of your mortgage paperwork, the lender will ask that you provide copies of your financial documents such as bank statement and tax returns. Fill application forms accurately without any falsehoods as you will be requested to provide the supporting documents.

There are Government Initiatives to Help You Get a Home Loan

If you don’t meet the laid out requirements for a home loan, there are government programs that can help you out. The Help to Buy offers mortgages with an interest rate of 5% down while the Right to Buy and Shared Ownership provides individual loans for members of the armed forces at a subsidized charge.

Remember, Remodeling your House Increases Its Value

Sure, owning a home is an important milestone. However, you want to make sure that your house stays in the best condition possible. Keep in mind that you may want to sell the property in the future.

And, even if you won’t sell, maintaining a house in an excellent shape allows you to get maximum compensation from your insurer in case of a disaster.  Here’s what you need to do.

Give the Kitchen a Touchup

Make sure that you update your kitchen. Fix luxury interiors to make it attractive. Change the cabinets and get new, up to the minute faucet system. In short, make your kitchen as appealing as possible. On that note, visit view a collection of top-notch kitchen interiors that will spruce up things in your cooking place.

Renovate the Bathrooms

Don’t wait until your bathrooms become outdated – they will turn off buyers in the future. Consider updating essential amenities. You can even add more bathrooms if you have space to give to increase your home’s appeal.

Finish Your Basement

While you may not have space to add more rooms in your home, make sure that you finish the basement. You can turn it into a playroom for the kids, a media room or a bar. Make sure that you keep the space as open as possible and adequately lit.

In conclusion, consider creating a home office. Also, don’t forget to add a deck with unique features such as a fire pit or integrated benches. Of course, the landscape has to be on point.