Month: March 2019

Why Transport Businesses Fail

People need to move from one place to the other and this is one of the reasons why the transport industry is very lucrative. It is also important to note that this sector is very competitive even though those who know their way around make good profits and lead decent lives. However, there are many people who fail in this field and it should be a source of concern. The following are some of the causes of failure in this field.

Lack of market research

You have to know the target market, their feeding habits and purchasing power before you set up any business venture. You do not venture into the transport sector because you want to make a living. You should first note a gap and then establish a business that will offer that solution. You have to gather data that will help you make some important decisions. For instance, you need to know the number of similar business in the area and their main challenges in this sector. You can borrow data from past researches or do it from scratch although it might take time. Basic research ensures that you do not enter into the market blindly expecting a fortune with minimum efforts.

Choosing the wrong car type

There are different types of cars that are made for different needs. There are those fit for public transport, some for showrooms while others suit private use. Do not expect to compete with others in the public sector after you pick the wrong vehicle. You have to consider the taste and preferences of your target customers before you decide on the type of car to use. A pre-owned vehicle is also a good choice as you can save money to ensure the smooth running of your business. A minibus is one of those vehicles that have a wide range of applications. As experts indicate, a good minibus should be well-maintained and you can visit their showroom for more details.

Poor marketing strategy

Conducting marketing research and investing in a vehicle will not land you customers unless you get the message out there. You can use many ways such as print media and social platforms to reach out to potential customers. You can also use your network to spread the word as time goes by. Set a budget for marketing and prepare reports and analytics to determine whether it is bringing in any returns.

Poor services

No one will stick by you after noting that you are just after money and not the well-being of your customers. If you work as a team, ensure that you brief every member on the importance of treating customers with dignity all the time. Satisfied customers can become your brand ambassadors which in turn lowers your marketing costs. You should also note that the cost of attracting a new customer is higher than that of acquiring a new one.

It is quite evident that these cases are avoidable. It just needs planning and coordination and you will soon be making profits in this sector.

Time-saving Instagram Tips to Implement Today

Time-saving Instagram Tips to Implement Today

Instagram is popular, very popular. People are thronging the platform in their numbers, and there is no end in sight. To make your mark though, you have to me be smart.  Yes, smarter than your competition. Here’s what you should start doing right away.


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Ditch your Smartphone

Make no mistake about it – there is nothing wrong with accessing Instagram via your cellphone. However, you will save a lot of time if you use the desktop version.  Creating and editing your images, for instance, is faster on a desktop than mobile.

On top of that, you don’t have to transfer multimedia files from your desktop to your smartphone when using Instagram scheduling tools.

Embrace User-Generated Content

A study by Ipsos shows that user-generated content is 30% more memorable and 50% more trustable in comparison to non-user generated posts.

So, be sure to share user-generated content by reposting images from your community. Use apps like Buffer and Repost to make reposting easier.

Use Scheduling Tools

Here is the thing – you must remain consistent with how you post on Instagram. People want to read or see something on your feed regularly. But, you may not have the time to upload content as often as you’d want – and that’s where scheduling comes into place.

Consider using tools to post content automatically at pre-determined intervals. That way, you don’t have to worry that your audience will miss your latest images and so on.

Consider Batching

Creating content for your Instagram account takes time. You need to plan it well. Plus, you have to ensure that you provide value for your audience.  So, you’re better of coming up with a week’s worth of posts at a go.

Batching is an excellent time management strategy that you can bring to Instagram.  In essence, this means that you will group content creation as opposed to publishing posts every day or a couple of times during the day.

You can, for example, plan a photo-taking session and capture multiple photos that you can use for a series of Instagram posts.  Or, you can edit all the images you want to post for the coming week and so on.

The Bottom Line

There is a lot of work involved for you to run a successful marketing campaign on Instagram. You, therefore, need to find ways to enable you to complete tasks quickly. That way, you will have enough time to focus on other tactics to help you increase your exposure.