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DNA Can Do So Much

Scientists all over the world are delving into the things that are possible through DNA (deoxyribonucleic acid), the genetic code that lays out what makes us what we are. They are studying DNA in order to understand the human body on a deeper level. They are trying to unlock all of the possibilities that are held within this code. discusses all the things that these scientists are trying to make possible through DNA and a lot of other scientific processes. In the current state of things, there are a number of things that DNA is being used for in society. DNA enhances people’s lives in a lot of different ways than we ever thought that it would.

  • One of the things that DNA is used for on a regular basis is in criminal justice. DNA is present in every cell of the human body and people can leave their DNA in a wide variety of ways. It will be present in skin cells, saliva, hair follicles, and any other cell of a person’s body. DNA has been used for the last 20 years or so to put criminals in jail. It is a way to show that a person was at a crime scene and tie them to a situation. It has been used to put criminals away for a long time. On the flip side of that, it has also been used to exonerate people who are in jail but are innocent. It has helped to clear innocent people that were wrongfully convicted of a crime.
  • Genetic testing is also being done on babies before they are ever born. They are able to do genetic testing for major illnesses or conditions that a fetus may have before it is ever born. They are able to test for things like Downs syndrome so that the parents can consider all of their options before the baby is born. In some cases, for those who can afford it, they can genetically alter the characteristics of their child. Scientists have been able to identify the specific genes that control things like hair and eye color and they can be altered to achieve a desired result. It is amazing what they are able to do with a fetus before it is even out of their mother’s womb.
  • One of the latest trends all over the world is for people do test their DNA in order to track the ethnicity and do their genealogy. People have become increasingly more interested in their past and where their ancestors are coming from. They are curious as to where their ancestors came from and whether or not the things that they had been told as children were true. There are many times when people are told they are a certain ethnicity and come to find out, through genetic testing, that they are not a drop of that at all. People are taking the time to trace their family trees to further understand the results they received through this testing.
  • This can go hand in hand with the genetic testing, some tests allow people to know the type of health issues that they are prone too. They are learning the types of things that they need to be careful of and the things that they need to be proactive about in their lives. They are learning if they are prone to heart issues, cancer, or diabetes based on this testing. These results are beginning to alter the way that people live their lives and conduct themselves. It is allowing them to alter their lives in such a way that they are being proactive against these findings.

It is an amazing thing, the places that technology and DNA are taking us. We are mapping the human genome on a level that we never thought was possible, but it finally is today. What is even better is that we are using DNA in positive ways to better our lives and the lives of others. We are freeing innocent people from prison and we are taking the time to understand the ways that we should be living. It is interesting to think about what type of technologies are going to be available to the next generations that will inhabit the earth.