X Amazing Wedding Ideas You’ve Probably Haven’t Thought Of!

X Amazing Wedding Ideas You’ve Probably Haven’t Thought Of

First of all my congratulations that you are going to get married soon. This is going to the best most fantastic day in your life so let’s see if we can help you by providing some excellent ideas to get you through your day and make the most out of it for you, and of course your guests.

Rearrange the chairs

Wedding receptions don’t have to be so stiff, if the building allows for it you can put them in half a circle for a more cozy experience during the marriage procedures.

Make your own invitation card

There is nothing as nice as a truly unique touch to it and your friends and family can definitely appreciate it, there are tons of shops that can help you out with this so don’t worry if you lack the creativity yourself.

Get creative with your wedding bouquet

Besides filling it with flowers you can make two bouquets, one for kids, and one for adults, pin something into it like a nostalgic photo of yourself or fill it with candy for the kids. They are going to love it!

Get a list of important phone numbers

If something goes wrong you will have this handy and believe me when I say this will avoid a whole lot of frustration, it only takes a little preparation for lots of peace of mind.

Every thought about a piñata

You don’t need to be in Spain or Mexico to come up with something like that, especially if you have lots of friends with children this is a great way to entertain them.

We all love to splash balloons

This is typical Thai as well btw when the party is over we end it with a bang by splashing all the balloons, it definitely makes for a fun experience.

Label your tables

Write the name of a song on the table and let people know in advance which song belongs to their table, then let them find their own table as a small music device is playing the song at each table. You’d surprise your guests happy.

A hangover gift bag

I love to get drunk at weddings, I mean who does n’t, so how about a hangover gift back with some aspirin and perhaps one or two shots of Vodka, that will sure cure a hangover quickly.

Get creative with desserts

We all love ice cream so you could attach a fruit bar to it, with chocolate sprinkles and jelly beans and what not so people can tune it up the way they want, that will definitely earn you brownie points.

Décor the chairs your way

You can decorate it any way you want instead of using those boring chair covers, just make sure you have enough time and are actually prepared to do something like that as it will be time-consuming depending on the number of guests you expect, and obviously coordinate this with the wedding venue.

An unforgettable photoshoot

Sparkles will do a great job here, don’t forget to wait till after dark though, otherwise, there’s not much magic to it of course.

Extra uniqueness to the goody bag

You’d lie if you said you wouldn’t appreciate a nice goody bag, so make sure it contains something that’s memorable. You can go all kind of ways here so I suggest you just Google around for goodie bag ideas as that’s the easiest way to come up with something.

And the music starts

All that’s left now is an artist, how about someone like James Barlow, he definitely knows how to throw a party and is open to any and all kind of suggestions and repertoires.

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